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High Speed Vacuum Brazing Machine

High Speed Vacuum Brazing Machine

Vacuum brazing machine is excellent for brazing between super-hard materials, tungsten carbide, ceramics and all kinds of diamonds. Also, it is very easy to braze at rapid speed.

* Materials: natural diamond, artificial diamonds such as PCD, PCBN, CVD, mono crystal diamond etc.

* Substrate materials: Cermet, tungsten carbide, steel, steel alloy, ceramic, etc.

The machine is fully automatic and once loaded, the brazing cycle time is approximately 30 minutes.


Vacuum brazing method realizes a shorter construction period, work environment improvement, enhancement of strength due to degassing and reduction of distortion due to wholly heating. Everyone can braze by using high speed vacuum brazing machine with one simple touch.


No oxidation

No oxidation

Work environment improvement

Work environment improvement

Enhancement of strength

Enhancement of strength

Reduction of distortion

Reduction of distortion

Easy temperature control

Easy temperature control

Total cost efficiency

Total cost efficiency

Technical Data
Brazing Procedure

What is vacuum brazing?

Vacuum brazing is a material joining technique that offers significant advantages: extremely clean, flux-free joints of high integrity and strength. The process can be expensive because it must be performed inside a vacuum chamber. Temperature uniformity is maintained on the workpiece when heating in a vacuum, greatly reducing residual stresses due to controlled heating and cooling cycles. This, in turn, can significantly improve the thermal and mechanical properties of the material.

Vacuum brazing is often conducted in a vacuum chamber; this means that several joints can be made at once because the whole workpiece reaches the brazing temperature. The heat is transferred using radiation, as many other methods cannot be used in a vacuum.


Comparison between High Speed Vacuum Brazing and Conventional Brazing
Comparison with Induction or Torch Brazing for ISO Inserts
Comparison with Vacuum Furnace Brazing for ISO Inserts
Comparison with Induction Brazing for Reamers (4 edges and above)
Brazing Alloy

Brazing Alloy

Brazing alloy is one of the key factors to make your vacuum brazing successful. Our qualified brazing alloy formula is the best critical match for all your brazing applications!

PPBA Double digital dispenser

Digital Dispenser

Our digital dispenser has bright LCD displays and up to 39 dispensing programs to be stored.


  • 3 operation modes: manual, programable timer and auto-cycling modes
  • Digital displays for time, vacuum and pressure
  • Foot pedal or finger switch controlled
  • Easy “teach & learn” function
  • Suck-back function ensures no dripping


Input Voltage
110 ~ 230V auto
Dispensing Time
0.01 ~ 99.99 seconds
Dispensing Speed
Up to 600 cycles/ second
Air Input
5 ~ 7 bar (70 ~ 100 psi)
Air Output
0.1 ~ 5 bar (1 ~ 70 psi)
260L x 160W x 65H mm
Starter Kit

Starter Kit

To facilitate your vacuum brazing, we have a set of brazing aids to support your easy start.

02 Service

Brazing service

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03 About

Pin Power, formed by an experienced professional team, has the technical capabilities of vacuum system design, automation control, process development, equipment assembly and machinery research and development. We offer dedicated services to every client: in addition to providing a range of reliable equipment and has introduced products that market demands, also develop a customized joint solution in accordance with client’s actual production needs. Pin Power sets our development goals as high technology and innovation. We are always concerned about new developments in brazing technology, hoping to advance with the times and reach the peak. With high quality services, we look forward to growing together with our clients!

Business Philosophy

Our business philosophy is: dedication to every client’s success, innovation, trust, care and integrity.

Our clients are our partners. We make them strong and give them vital competitive edge. In making our entire skills set available to our clients, we are able to help them to achieve their goals quickly and comprehensively – in a way that will last.

With innovative spirit and creativity, we strive towards a sustainable future. We plan for the long-term development and our company decisions are based on the principles of sustainability.

Our employees are the source of our success. We support and motivate each member of the team and closely work together in a global network of knowledge and learning. Our corporate culture is shaped by a diversity of people via open dialogue, mutual respect, clear goals, fully engagement and situational leadership.

We are fully aware of our social responsibility – integrity governs our dealings with our employees and clients. In this context, we encourage the next generation and are actively committed to projects in schools and universities.

We are increasing company value and thus securing our freedom of action. We are committed to profitable growth and long-term value enhancement. A balanced business portfolio, effective management systems and the consistent realization of synergy throughout all business units and areas provide the basis of our success.

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Demo Center

To see is to believe. We Pin Power offer trial brazing at our demo centers worldwide. Contact us to discover how vacuum brazing machine helps! Germany, Taiwan and USA.


To better answer your local needs, we have distributors in below countries to support you.
Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Luxembourg, Mexico, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland and USA.