empowering diamond tool manufacturing through cutting-edge vacuum brazing technologies and tailored consulting services


Our Products


Experience reproducible quality and improved yield rates with our automated and standardized processes, ensuring stable and reliable mass production for your business.

Customized Mass Production

Enjoy fast delivery and flexible high-mix low-volume production models.

Efficient Production

With one touch, continue seamless production without worrying about experience Inheritance crisis and foster innovation.

Clean & Green

Enhance workplace safety and reduce environmental footprint.

Easy to Use

No skilled technician required.

Time Saving

Require no cleanup post-brazing and ready to be ground.


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Focused & Innovative

We are specialists in vacuum brazing for diamond tools. With years of experience and extensive knowledge, we constantly seek innovation and breakthroughs to adapt to the changing times. We offer customized consulting services according to our customers' needs and seamlessly integrate into their existing production processes, even for optimization.

Our expertise in diamond tool brazing, professional equipment supply, continuous R&D and innovation, and ready for Industry 4.0, make us a leader of vacuum brazing technologies.

We specialize in professional vacuum brazing machines designed specifically for diamond tools, ensuring efficient and precise brazing for your business needs.

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Fits Your Needs
We care our customers. It is our corporate cultural value to prioritize the needs of individuals. Whether it is the technical challenge, equipment optimization, or other needs faced by customers or end users, we always respond positively to provide satisfactory solutions.
  • Optimize user experience
  • Tailor-made solutions
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We value partnerships and establish a support point and trust relationship for long-term cooperation through "altruism and sharing" between team members and customers.
  • Diversified professional connections
  • Environmentally friendly solutions in line with SDGs



Based on respecting the confidentiality agreement and protecting the privacy of clients, all warm and friendly feedback will be withheld from the company name and personal information after obtaining the client's consent.