New design Automatic High Speed Vacuum Brazing Machine for PCD Diamond


Conventional brazing processes are still very manual in nature and require relatively skilled operations using induction or torch heating, with tips individually brazed to the tool body one by one.  Vacuum Brazing is a vacuum furnace utilize a fundamentally different technology called “active brazing” where the brazing system forms chemical Titanium Carbide chemical bonds between the PCD pieces and the tool body.  Therefore, experienced operators are not required to braze well. 

The picture shows the change of brazing alloy inside the vacuum chamber in our automatic vacuum brazing machine, in order to adjust the optimal brazing parameters. 

The application material including TC on TC; TC on Steel; PCD/TC & PCBN/TC on TC & Steel; Solid PCD & PCBN on TC & Steel; CVD on TC & Steel; MKD on TC & Steel; Natural Diamond on TC & Steel.