News from Switzerland: Meet 'Wilma'!


Celebrating a Milestone: Our PP-S vacuum brazing machine finds its new home in Switzerland! Meet 'Wilma,' as lovingly named by our customer – more than a machine, she's an integral part of their workshop family now.

In the realm of precision diamond tools, our customer's dedication to perfection is awe-inspiring. Handling MCD thickness down to 0.10mm, they've set remarkable standards that align perfectly with the precision of our brazing material. Their satisfaction is our success!

Switzerland, renowned for its watchmaking excellence, isn't just about machines; it's about the passionate individuals fueling the industry through teamwork and dedication.

The dynamic leadership we've encountered here is nothing short of inspiring, hinting at a promising future for this remarkable company.

Our recent conversations resonated deeply – our solutions were the right choice for our customer, and we're thrilled to be contributing to their continued success through our equipment.

Lessons learned? Swiss-made isn't just about quality; it embodies a unique attitude that we've come to admire and share.

When it comes to MCD tool needs, trust them to deliver top-notch, Swiss-made precision solutions.