High Speed Vacuum Brazing Machine (Ovens and Furnaces)


Pin Power’s Brazing Machine (Oven)


Welcome to Pin Power, where we redefine metal-joining through our state-of-the-art high speed vacuum brazing machine. Designed to deliver optimal performance and unparalleled durability, our products are a testament to our commitment to efficiency and technological precision.


High Speed Vacuum Brazing Machine Features

Our high speed vacuum brazing machine is engineered for uniform temperature distribution, ensuring superior metal joining while adhering to the highest industry standards.
  • Intuitive Brazing Mastery: Achieve professional-grade brazing results with effortless ease. The machine's user-friendly interface and comprehensive instructions eliminate the need for extensive training, empowering you to become a brazing expert quickly and efficiently.
  • Eliminate Post-Brazing Cleanup: Experience the convenience of a virtually self-cleaning machine. This innovative technology minimizes residue and eliminates the need for time-consuming post-brazing cleanup, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your projects.
  • Unparalleled Brazing Efficiency: Maximize your productivity and profitability with lightning-fast brazing cycles. The machine's advanced technology ensures rapid completion of projects, enabling you to achieve more in less time and optimize your operational efficiency.
These machines are built to excel in oven brazing processes even in demanding environments. With a focus on high technology and innovation, our ovens set industry benchmarks in reliability and performance.

Elevate Your Production with Precision Furnace Brazing

image3 copy.jpg Our flux-free furnace brazing process ensures a clean, efficient, and environmentally friendly production. This eliminates toxic gas emissions and post-brazing cleanup, enhancing safety and quality.

Streamlining with Brazing Excellence

Our high speed vacuum brazing machine is tailored for the diamond tools industry, combining advanced technology with practical design, ensuring efficient and seamless brazing.

Conquer Brazing Challenges & Maximize ROI:

  • Pain Points Solved: Eliminate slow, complex processes & inconsistent results with intuitive operation & automated workflows.
  • Quality Boost: Achieve superior, consistent joint strength through vacuum brazing and oxidation prevention.
  • ROI Powerhouse:
    • Reduced Costs: Save on labor with faster brazing cycles & minimize maintenance with durable construction.
    • Increased Productivity: Boost output & efficiency with lightning-fast brazing, reducing downtime.
    • Peace of Mind: Operate safely with comprehensive safety features, ensuring operator well-being.

Invest in smart technology, conquer challenges, and maximize your brazing operations today!


Leading the Way in Brazing

image2~.jpg As a leading brazing furnace manufacturer, we’re committed to not only meeting but exceeding industry standards with our cutting-edge technology and client-focused service.

Across diverse industries, leading companies are forging a path to brazing excellence with our innovative high speed vacuum brazing machine. From Wilma (Switzerland), where they perfected MCD tools, to the US where precision diamond tools are celebrated, and also our valued customer in Japan, these success stories speak volumes about the machine's transformative power. 




Our PP-S vacuum brazing machine finds its new home in Switzerland! 

Our PP-S vacuum brazing machine has found its new home, serving one of our most valued customers in the U.S., known for its precision diamond tools.

A valued customer in Japan, specializing in handling tiny and precise diamond tools.


Stay tuned as we develop more of these inspiring transformations, showcasing how our machine is revolutionizing brazing across various industries.


Transform Your Production with Pin Power

Ready to supercharge your production by integrating our advanced high speed vacuum brazing machine? Step into the future with Pin Power!

Along with our equipment, we are also proud to provide you with these benefits and advantages:


  • Consistent Quality:
    • The brazing process ensures steady and reproducible quality.
  • Easy for All Engineers:
    • Any engineer can operate the machinery, reducing the need for experts and cutting labor costs.
  • Great Work Environment:
    • The machinery contributes to a workspace that is safe, comfortable, neat, and well-organized.
  • Diamond Brazing Flexibility: 
    • Develop innovative tools impossible with other methods, thanks to the ability to braze diverse diamond types. 
  • Ready for New Opportunities:
    • Open doors to unique customer solutions and stay ahead of the competition. The efficiency and productivity brought by brazing are ideal for breaking into new markets and creating new products.
  • Reliable and User-Friendly Machinery:
    • The machines are trustworthy and easy to maintain.
  • Safer Tools, No Extra Cleaning:
    • It greatly lowers the chance of the tooltips breaking off, a big plus for users. Also, tools don't need cleaning after brazing, saving time and improving appearance compared to traditional methods.

Contact us now to explore a world where superior technology and expertise catalyze to enhance your production capabilities and quality.